High Speed mode under DMX control?

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Has anyone run the s360 sky panel in high-speed mode while controlling it from a dimmer board? We Set four of them to high-speed mode for some high-speed photography on the movie we're working on. When we brought them up at the board we were able to dim them. In high-speed mode dimming is supposed to be disabled. They should either be on at full or off. Does this mean that high speed mode will not work if you're controlling the lights from a console? Do you have to bring them up to full at the board to get them into high speed mode?

Brian Doran
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Hi Mike,

This is the topic from the ICLS chat, right? I suspect that what's happening is the fixtures are set to one of the pixel DMX modes. If you go into one of those modes, High Speed Mode is disabled. In the normal DMX modes, High Speed Mode is possible and works like you'd expect - only 100% on or off via the dimmer channel.
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