ALEXA SXT Feature Requests

Tue Jul 05, 2016 5:10 pm

Hey ARRI Team,

I know you can't speak to future product development, but I am hoping some of these requests might be able to be integrated into future SUPs. Currently some of the features on the Mini are swinging people away from our XT (Upgrading to SXT). We are hoping to see any of the features that are in the mini in the flagship ALEXA line.


1) 200FPS
2) S16 Crop
3) ARRIRAW to CFast
4) LBus PL Mount for SXT

Any insight on if those are possible would be a huge help. ALEXA SXT feels like a sinking ship at the moment compared to the ALEXA Mini!
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Re: ALEXA SXT Feature Requests

Wed Jul 27, 2016 11:00 am

Hi David,
Thanks for you feedback. Currently none of these features are planned for future XT or SXT Software Upgrade Packets, due to low demand. For ARRIRAW recording we offer the well established Codex workflow in ALEXA XT and SXT cameras. We also think that the S16 mode and the LBUS PL mount make more sense in ALEXA Mini cameras than in the ALEXA XT or ALEXA SXT cameras. But as always we are observing how the needs of our customers evolve and we will keep an eye on your requests.

Best regards,
Frederic Merten
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Frederic Merten
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