ARRI on a rocket? Project VERTEX

Mon Jan 23, 2017 2:43 pm

Dear Film-Enthusiasts,

there has been a cooperation between NASA and ARRI in the early 60ties.
ARRI had been asked to build around 400 units of a film camera to be used to shoot the burning process of the rocket boosters.
The project was called "VERTEX" (for Vertical-Experimental-"Take-Off"-Camera).

Last year ARRI acquired a re-built VERTEX form a German collector.
Besides an ARRI retiree backing the story, we are lacking any internal project records.

So our question to you out there: Is there anyone, perhaps a NASA veteran, who could shed some light on this project?
A picture of the camera actually mounted on a rocket (Apollo?) would be of great interest.

the "ARRI Museum"
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