Re: Media Errors

Thu Jul 30, 2020 5:50 pm

Thanks for the feedback and clarity, Fred.

Frederic Merten wrote:Hello all,
if the camera shows one of the messages ‘Recording stopped unexpectedly #138’ or ‘Camera has restarted due to technical problem #200’ it needs to be sent to the nearest ARRI service center.
If the camera shows the message ‘Connection to recording media is not working properly #100’ it can sometimes be resolved with a reboot. If the message persists, it needs to be looked at by an ARRI service center.
Unfortunately, there is no way to solve this issue on set. Please get in contact with an ARRI service center if one of these error messages should appear. Click here to find the next ARRI service center.

Best regards, Fred
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Re: Media Errors

Mon Aug 10, 2020 9:38 pm

Update to my issues.

Camera was returned to me 6/11/20.

Last Thursday 8/6/20 on set the camera displayed the following warning: "Sensor error occurred. Please reboot camera (#41)" and would no longer record despite displaying an image.

I shipped the camera body back to Arri New York this morning after sharing camera log info.

I really hope my camera comes back working this time. I love Arri but this is becoming very costly and is now impacting my working relationships.

Jan, any insight would be greatly appreciated.

I inquired about a loaner body but was denied so I am surprised to hear that others here were presented with that option.

Brian Hanson wrote:I had the same experience with a 3 month old mini LF.

Sent the body to Arri NY to have the following issues addressed:
"Replaced the CDVF print and the micro coax 40 pin cable.
Replaced both coax-lemo connectors for SI-0005."

George at Arri NY was very helpful and got the camera back quickly but I do hope that this gets resolved and others can avoid this issue.
Brian Hanson
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