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Erik Andersson
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I've had a number of occasions, when working with LDS lenses, where the measured distance aligns perfectly with the focus marks on the lens barrel but the LDS displays a different reading (for example: Siemens star on 1m, perfect focus on 1m mark on barrel, LDS reading 0,93m).
Is this something that the lens technicians at the rental place should be able to correct or does the lens have to be sent in for maintenance?

I usually just turn of the LDS function in the lens mount and program my own scales but I've got a job coming up with massive amounts of 3D work and the VFX artists want the LDS readings included in the metadata on all clips.
Silvan Liu
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Hello Erik,

The LDS data should line up with the physical marks of the lens perfectly. If this is not the case it would indicate that the lens was serviced without checking and updating the LDS information of the lens. There are very few rental houses that have the capability to change the LDS data of the lens.

Your workaround of making your own scales would work for your VFX artists as well. The data from Lens Data Archive or manually added lens scales will be recorded in the metadata the same way the LDS data is.

I hope this helps
Silvan Liu
ARRI Service - Burbank, California
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