SkyPanel Firmware 2.5

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Mike Wagner
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SkyPanel Firmware 2.5 brings new features to the SkyPanel, improves the experience of using the remote and adds various other enhancements. SkyPanel Firmware 2.5 introduces five key new features: master/slave mode, expanded gel library and DMX protocol, xy coordinate DMX protocol, battery low voltage warning and control panel lock.

The new firmware can be downloaded here: ... _firmware/

Master/Slave Mode
The new master/slave mode allows for one SkyPanel to control several other SkyPanels via DMX. When this mode is enabled, any SkyPanel connected to the master fixture by DMX cable will mimic adjustments made to the master’s control panel. This is an ideal option for smaller applications where a large DMX network and lighting console are not practical. When coupled with the SkyPanel Remote, the master/slave mode becomes a powerful solution to control a small network of fixtures linked together.

Expanded Gel Mode
Firmware 2.5 expands on the popular gel mode introduced in Firmware 2.0. LEE Filters 700 Series is now implemented in the SkyPanel, bringing 41 new colors into the SkyPanel gel library for an increased total of 318 colors. This expansive palette of well-known colors also has an updated DMX protocol, which allows users to fade between two different gel colors and also to select the way in which the transition between colors is carried out.

x,y Coordinate DMX Protocol
The xy coordinate DMX protocol provides a new way to select a color with SkyPanel. Using the familiar CIE 1931 color space chromaticity diagram, this protocol allows users to select x and y coordinates to produce a particular color within that color space. This new mode is useful for advanced applications where selecting a specific point in the CIE 1931 color space is critical.

Control Panel Lock and Low Battery Warning
If using a battery to power the SkyPanel, Firmware 2.5 now gives a warning if the battery voltage has dropped below a user-defined value, taking the guesswork out of battery changes. A lock feature has also been implemented in the SkyPanel control panel, which is turned on and off by holding down the encoder for five seconds.

Other Enhancements
Other interface enhancements in Firmware 2.5 include large text during CCT or saturation adjustments, better menu layout, and voltage readout on the main screen when a battery is in use.
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