SkyPanel Firmware 3.0

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Mike Wagner
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Download the new firmware:

The popular SkyPanel family of LED soft lights continues to improve with its third major firmware update. Bringing 10 amazing new features, SkyPanel Firmware 3.0 is a free update that can be downloaded by users and installed in any SkyPanel fixture. Features include onboard lighting effects, light source matching, a high speed mode, sACN implementation, and much more. With these new features, SkyPanel allows for more control and creativity than ever before.

Lighting Effects
The state-of-the-art light engines and electronics built into every SkyPanel have paved the way for a powerful new feature in SkyPanel Firmware 3.0: lighting effects. With SkyPanel Lighting Effects users can now choose and manipulate 12 effects without the need for a lighting console or hours of programming. Each effect has several parameters that allow for customization of the effect to fit your needs. The lighting effects include: candle, clouds passing, club lights, color chase, cop car, fire, fireworks, light strobe, lightning, paparazzi, pulsing, and television. SkyPanel Lighting Effects changes the game for on-set lighting effect generation.

Source Matching
SkyPanel’s calibrated light engine makes it possible to reproduce virtually any color. SkyPanel Firmware 3.0 takes further advantage of this by including 46 pre-programmed color matches to common light sources found in the world around us. The sources include tungsten, high-pressure sodium vapor, cool white fluorescent, candle, glow sticks, and many more. SkyPanel Source Matching makes it even easier and faster to match a light source in the location you are shooting by simply picking the corresponding source from a list.

High Speed Mode
The new SkyPanel High Speed Mode is a highly requested feature that will allow users to shoot at extreme frame rates and camera settings. Using the high speed mode, productions can shoot at virtually any frame rate and shutter angle. It has been tested up to 25,000 fps and down to a two-degree shutter angle with no adverse effects on image quality. Say goodbye to flicker and roll bars forever.

sACN Implementation
Streaming ACN (also known as sACN) is fully implemented in SkyPanel Firmware 3.0. This communication standard allows for many modern lighting consoles to communicate directly with the SkyPanel using Ethernet-based equipment. The SkyPanel is also smart enough to detect whether it is receiving an Art-Net or sACN signal and will adjust accordingly with no setting changes.

More Presets and Preset DMX Channel
Presets have become much more useful in SkyPanel Firmware 3.0 with the addition of eight factory presets and preset selection via a DMX channel. With a new total of 10 factory presets that include popular color temperatures, HSI values and gel colors, it is now faster and easier to select frequently used colors, even after a factory reset. In addition, at the end of every DMX protocol there is a new channel that allows for the selection of all 10 user and 10 factory presets in the SkyPanel.

Onboard RGBW Mode
Since the creation of the SkyPanel, users have been able to control the RGBW LED channels via DMX. With SkyPanel Firmware 3.0, it is now possible to switch to RGBW mode and adjust the different LED color channels directly on the control panel of the SkyPanel. Quickly adjust red, green, blue and white intensity levels, as well as master intensity value, via the knobs on the control panel. In addition, these values can be stored as a preset for easy access later.

RGBW Calibrated Color Space
RGBW mode is a great way to generate colors by adjusting the intensity values of each of the four LED channels in the SkyPanel. In the past, the RGBW mode has been an uncalibrated mode that gives direct control of the LED channels. There is now the option to select a calibrated RGBW mode that will still allow for the adjustment of red, green, blue and white levels, but in a calibrated color space that yields consistent results across SkyPanels. Following the ANSI E1.54 standard, it is also possible for the SkyPanel to match other RGBW fixtures that implement the same standard.

Frequency Selection
The frequency selection feature in SkyPanel Firmware 3.0 allows fine tuning of the frequency of the SkyPanel’s light output to adjust for slight flicker or roll bars that might occur when shooting at uncommon frame rates or shutter angles. Pick from 10 different frequencies that could reduce or eliminate small amounts of these image anomalies while maintaining full control over the intensity and color tuneability of the SkyPanel.

SkyPanel Web Server
With the ability for the SkyPanel to be used as a network device, it is now possible to change all SkyPanel settings using any web browser. Simply connect the SkyPanel to a network via the EtherCon connector and once connected, use a web browser to access the SkyPanel webpage generated by each fixture and instantly adjust any SkyPanel parameter. This means you can now make setting adjustments from a device such as your mobile phone without touching the SkyPanel itself.

Enabled Menu
With so many great features packed into the SkyPanel, it might seem difficult to know which ones are active and which ones are not, at any given time. To solve this issue, there is a new enabled menu that gives the user a list of all features in the SkyPanel and their current setting. With a quick glance you can review and change all SkyPanel settings in one menu.

Other Enhancements
All firmware updates to SkyPanel include numerous small refinements to the user interface, menu layout and displayed information. SkyPanel Firmware 3.0 is no different, with improvements such as: network menu list, new menu lists with easy selection identification, scrolling text, improved DMX live page, improved cross fade function and minor bug fixes.

Download the new firmware:
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Has anyone had any issues trying to DMX with multiple skypanels some of which on different firmware?
Mike Wagner
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Using DMX with SkyPanels and different firmware versions could cause issues as somethings DMX parameters change with new DMX implementations. I would always suggest to use SkyPanels that are on the same firmware as they will behave in exactly the same this way,

Hope this helps.

- Mike Wagner
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