Cooke S4i mini LDA problem

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I have new set of Cooke S4i mini. The alexa mini Sup is 5.3 and wcu-4 is software latest version. There are 5 lenses and only 75mm can read by camera. But no information from other lenses. These lenst are new, didnt used before.

There is no LDA file for Cooke S4i mini on Arri Lens data market place.

I would be very happy to get any help


Gernot Füllsack
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Hello Alper,

sorry for my late reply.

Please create LDA files with your WCU-4 for the Cooke lenses.
With Cooke lenses we often have the problem to read out the LDS informations.

if you have further questions you can also contact us via mail

best regards
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