Is it possible to run Stellar and Luminair at the same time

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Raimar Bylaardt
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Is it possible to run Stellar and Luminair at the same time on my RatPac AKS+ On IPad ?

I am using Road Hog4 at the stage and when I go on location I use Luminair on my iPad to control Arri lights and some RatPac dimmers. Because of the 8-16 bit difference I have to change protocols. If I use Stellar, will it change the DMX addresses on the fixtures (on it’s own / RDM) or will it go back to the original DMX address used? Will I have to re-address it to my Hog patch every time I am back at the stage?

Thank you!

Raimar van den Bylaardt II
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Mike Wagner
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Hi Raimar,

Thanks for your post.

The RatPac AKS will not work with Stellar as it does not support RDM. The SkyLink Base Station will be a better solution here and will still work with the RatPac Cinetenna receivers and other control devices.

Stellar has two operational modes - Auto Layout and Manual. If you do not wish Stellar to change DMX addresses automatically, leave Auto Layout off. You would then be responsible for setting DMX addresses and ensuring that if a DMX mode changes, there will be no overlapping DMX channels. This would allow you to go back and forth to different controllers. Of course, if you change the color mode on Stellar, this will also change the DMX mode and you would need to update this on your Road Hog4. With Auto Layout off, you would not have to re-patch.

I hope this helps and please let us know if there are more questions.

- Mike Wagner
Senior Product Manager, ARRI
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