ARRI Orbiter First Impression

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Last week our team acquired our Orbiter. We've been waiting patiently and the time finally came. We're going to be using it for DMX, as well as some other applications for our Virtual Production sets.

I was super impressed with the fluid menu and scrolling, although I admit it took some time to get used to the 'tactile' wheels and clicks, rather than it being a touch screen. Here's my general thoughts:

Output: More than initially anticipated, to be honest.
Color: The dialed in precision is impressive, down to the decimal points on the available wheels.
Build: High quality, and heavy. It's larger than I anticipated, which isn't a bad thing... Just don't try to mount it on a C-stand.

My biggest concern was going to be about all of the gack that comes with this thing-- and if the crew was going to want to haul all of it around with us. It's packaged neatly into 2 different cases, and once everyone is on board with each attachment, I believe it can replace other cases we bring around anyway... and least I hope.

We were excited... If you'd like to see a more "personal" overview, we made a video unboxing it:
Markus Klüsener
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Hi Josh,

and thank you so much for making this video and also for sharing it here. Well done! :-)

We are glad to see that you are happy for your Orbiter and hope that you will end up using it as your go-to fixture going forward!

Best regards,

Markus Klüsener
Senior Product Manager
ARRI Lighting