CFast Card unusable after filming - "ARRI UDF"

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How are you! I was filming the other day with an Alexa Mini, and the second card we used in camera worked well filming, but was empty when we plugged it onto the computer. It said "Arri UDF" on the card name, and had nothing inside, but 0 kbs available.

We filmed perfectly with the card, as we can even see in the videoassist recording, but dont know why we can't access to the card. I've never seen anything like this before! It didnt got erased because it would be called "A003" instead "ARRI UDF". It seems to have lost its access format maybe.

The DIT told me it was a Sandisk Card but its lettering is completely blown, so i cant be sure about the brand.

Does anybody know something about it? Would appreciate any help, as a big part of the filming was on that card :S

Thanks a lot in advance!

Jan Heugel
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Dear Enrique,

send a log-file of your camera to
Please specify the shooting date. The reel you are looking for is A003 - do you roughly know how many clips we should expect on that card?

Best regards,
Jan Heugel
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Just encountered a similar issue. Card is named ARRI_UDF, and has 0kb available upon mounting to a mac. As far as I know it has never been mounted to a PC (I know there was a formatting issue on windows recently regarding udf media). I am almost certain the card was not touched or mounted on any system since it was ejected from the camera.
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